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We are Solar Tie Limited. We are working to promote Solar Energy as a best suited renewable energy source over the country since 2017. We are searching for a more viable and environment-friendly alternative for mass people. Solar Tie Limited decided to expand its operation with the RESCO Model, EPC, Industrial Roof Top Solar Solution, Solar Irrigation, Independent Solar Power Producer, Research and Consultancy, Trading of Solar and Energy Efficient product in Bangladesh. This allowed Solar Tie Limited to provide a complete solar solution for its B2B and B2C. Solar Tie’s product lines are of the highest quality available in today’s market. Our core clients are industries who want to reduce their electricity bill and utilize more their empty-unused roof-top and agriculturists who want to provide them with an efficient solution for solar irrigation. Solar Tie is being leaded by Women especially with regards to the benefits women need most. This isn’t just a great company for women to work for, it’s also a company offering services specifically targeted at changing women’s lives. Our handpicked teams of experienced and qualified Architects, Engineers and Professionals from different arena have been our pride and means for success. Our enriched Human Resources are well sound and seasoned with periodic Training Programs which are main streams of our success story. They are all standing by for catering and Construction Challenges we can have for your business and ventures to implement complete solar projects. Our Specialized Fields of Work: • Industrial Roof Top Solar Solution • Industrial Roof Top Solar Solution • Solar Irrigation System • Solar Home System for Rural Areas • Independent Solar Power Producer • Residential Solar Solution • On-grid and Off-grid Solar Solution • Research and Consultancy • Local and International EPC

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Why Solar Power?

Solar is the Future...

Always Online

Load Shedding is big problem for entrepreneurs. Solar power can be an alternative for entrepreneurs to stay online all the time.

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Cost Effective

Sunlight is free. And that's why solar energy is almost free. Once install it and then enjoy the unlimited energy for free.

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Easy to Use

No hustle for your new power connection any more. All your solar related work can be done by our upcoming app.

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No Chemical No Carbon

Love Green? Then solar energy is the first thing you will love to implement in your house roof for better tommorrow for all of us.

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Our Products and Services

We have a history of doing what our name implies, creating a visual language around the beliefs of the brands we work with.

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    Solar Module
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    Charge Controller
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    Solar Irrigation Pump
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    LED Light
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    Solar Lamp Post
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    Solar Vehicle

Vision & Mission

Develop solar service optimization to solve all type Solar Services to utilize empty-unused roof and agri-farm by installing solar system and make a reliable hub among Client, Service Holder and Technical People. Serving the clients with commitments, ensuring safety and value added products, having "Working with Sustainability" by upholding and maintaining reputation for quality, integrity and honesty, to the full satisfaction of our valued clients.

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